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Our highly skilled team restores and rejuvenates the classic early Bronco

by infusing modern technology and contemporary design to create a

truly unique sport utility vehicle.

Over the past 7 years Urban Gears has restored over 50 Broncos. 

Our team scours the Northwest to locate Broncos which are best suited

to our restoration and customizing process.

Nothing but clearly titled Broncos are approved for purchase. Some of

the most important areas that we inspect are the vehicles hidden

identification markings, documentation, and its structural integrity.

Our team strips the Bronco to its bare bones, sand blasts it to identify areas in need of repair, and then begins all necessary framework restoration. A significant amount of mechanical work is then undertaken on the vehicle, after which a new fuel injected 302 V8 engine is placed into the heart of the Bronco. We then build the Bronco back up again with a new automatic transmission, electrical loom, suspension, axle internals, exhaust, prop shafts, final drive, power steering and brakes.

Our body technicians ensure that all vehicles are well prepared for our three stage paint application. Our team strips all paint from the body, removes old bolts and old body parts, all panels (old and new) are smoothed, coated and adjusted prior to the first primer coats of paint being applied.  After final detailed panel alignment, it heads  to the spray booth.

Customers are offered an extensive array of paint colors and finishes to choose from. Before the chosen color is applied, our team of expert sprayers coats the vehicle with several coats of  etch primer. The vehicle is then masked and finished with a direct gloss or matte paint finish. From Matte Black to Candy Apple Red, virtually any color our clients desire can be created.

One of our final stages is trim. This is where the customization process really starts to take shape. Vehicles are installed with custom parts, interior trim, and a range of accessories. The vehicles panels and doors, all separated by brand new seals, are reassembled, followed by the laying of acoustic insulation in the tub and under body. The cosmetic reconstruction of each custom vehicle sees new carpet, windows, electrical, and  tires and rims. The interior panels, roof lining, instrument gauges, door hardware and dash refurbishment are unique to our Broncos. Clients appreciate shots of their ongoing build in progress, and we make sure we deliver.

Maintaining an extremely high level of quality during each stage of the customization process is paramount. All Urban Gears Broncos must pass an extensive road test examination. Every crevice of every vehicle is rigorously inspected. All of our Broncos are test driven at least 200 miles and do not leave our facility until they are deemed 100% safe, 100% reliable, and 100% to our high standards.